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Interested in helping others? Use your sewing skills, have fun!

12 Jan 2019

I'm thinking of starting a community project with your help! 

There are lots of people who have very little, money, clothes, possession and hope. 

As a sewing community, there are lots of us with any combination of the following: 

1. Fabric and fabric scraps

2. Sewing skills

3. Time

4. Wanting to help others

5. Contacts in places that need help such as hospitals, refuges, care homes, schools etc.

And my thoughts are to bring these together to help provide sewn items that will help the local community and possibly further afield. 

Ideas so far: 

* Quilts for the local people in need, made from the scraps we all may throw away.

 * This could be people who have left everything behind to start a safer life ,

* Elderly people and people who are chair bound (lap quilts),

*Twiddle muffs for people suffering from dementia

*Bereaved parents can take the quilt that they wrapped their loved one in home in memory of their loved one

*Bonding squares/toys for premature babies and their parents

*Pillow case dresses for the children overseas.

*Other ideas are very welcome

The idea would be to meet at the shop once a month to meet like minded people, sew in the shop, cut out the pieces etc., bring in the pieces you have finished, ready for someone with a different skill to add to it etc.

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, then please get in touch at